Smart CallerID

Smart CallerID

When a patient calls your practice, SmartCallerID pops up and displays vital information about the patient including future appointments, recall treatments, remaining insurance benefits, treatment plans, family members, their account balance, patient referrals and important medical alerts.

From there, your frontdesk staff can click on any module to see a complete breakdown of detailed information. This saves an enormous amount of time which in turn saves money, improves efficiency and helps to maximize revenue.

Why Smart CallerID ?

Having a patient's information right at your fingertips is a powerful time saving tool. Smart CallerID eliminates the clerical errors in creating new patients

Hassle free solution that reduces patient identification time, spam and telemarketer calls while improving practice-patient relations.

SmartCaller ID is a part of our PatientXpress solution, please click the button below for more details!

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