Insurance Verification


Insurance Verification

Incredibly powerful and important feature allows your staff to have up-to-the minute real time information regarding the insurance eligibility and benefits of your patients.

Becomes instanly availiable the moment a patient calls the office via the Smart CallerID pop up.

Our real time insurance verification automates a very important part of the patient fulfillment process.

Why Insurance Verification?

Our service can be completely automated, you can have your patients verified by the time the practice opens.

With support for over 100 insurance companies, we provide a quick check for your patient's activeness and their remaining benefits on the day of the service!

Insurance Verification is a part of our PatientXpress solution, please click the button below for more details!


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Compatiable Insurance Companies

The following is a list of insurance companies that currently communicate with PatientXpress to provide information on insurance eligibility and benefits.

Payer ID Insurance Companies (#-D)
43168 Advantica Benefits
60054 Aetna Dental Plans
58066 AFLAC GA
52080 AFLAC NY
50503 Altus Dental
47009 Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
72630 Ameritas Life insurance Corp. of New York
47198 Anthem Blue Cross
CKAZ1 Arizona Medicaid
CNBYR BCBS of Rochester New York
47171 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City MO
47570 Blue Cross of Alaska and Washington
CBMA1 Blue Cross of Massachusetts
00580 CareFirst, Inc. Maryland BCBS
CKOH2 CareSource
62308 CIGNA
52132 Cooperative Benefit Administrators (CBA)
CX049 Coventry Dental
07035 DeCare Dental Health Insurance
94276 Delta Dental Insurance Co. (DDIC) - All Payers
04614 Delta Dental Massachusetts
86027 Delta Dental of Arizona
CDAR1 Delta Dental of Arkansas
77777 Delta Dental of California - CA00 Claims Office
CDCA1 Delta Dental of California/Tricare Retiree Dental
51022 Delta Dental of Delaware
DDFL1 Delta Dental of Florida (DDIC)
DDGA1 Delta Dental of Georgia (DDIC)
82029 Delta Dental of Idaho
05030 Delta Dental of Illinois Group Plans
CDIN1 Delta Dental of Indiana
CDIA1 Delta Dental of Iowa
CDIAM Delta Dental of Iowa Medicaid Program
CDKS1 Delta Dental of Kansas
CDKY1 Delta Dental of Kentucky
DDLA1 Delta Dental of Louisiana (DDIC)
23166 Delta Dental of Maryland and Pennsylvania
CDMI0 Delta Dental of Michigan
CDMN1 Delta Dental of Minnesota
DDMS1 Delta Dental of Mississippi (DDIC)
43090 Delta Dental of Missouri
DDMT1 Delta Dental of Montana (DDIC)
CDNE1 Delta Dental of Nebraska
DDNV1 Delta Dental of Nevada (DDIC)
22189 Delta Dental of New Jersey
85022 Delta Dental of New Mexico
11198 Delta Dental of New York
56101 Delta Dental of North Carolina
CDND1 Delta Dental of North Dakota
CDOH1 Delta Dental of Ohio
CDOK1 Delta Dental of Oklahoma
05029 Delta Dental of Rhode Island
43091 Delta Dental of South Carolina
CDTN1 Delta Dental of Tennessee
DDTX1 Delta Dental of Texas (DDIC)
DDUT1 Delta Dental of Utah (DDIC)
91062 Delta Dental of Washington
52147 Delta Dental of Washington DC
31096 Delta Dental of West Virginia
39069 Delta Dental of Wisconsin
66043 Delta Dental Puerto Rico
DDCA2 DeltaCare USA Claims
DDCA3 DeltaCare USA Encounters
CX049 Denex Dental
CX014 DentaQuest - Government Plans
CX052 DentaQuest - Government Plans
CKID1 DentaQuest - Government Plans
CKIL1 DentaQuest - Government Plans
CKKY3 DentaQuest - Government Plans
CKMD1 DentaQuest - Government Plans
CKSC1 DentaQuest - Government Plans
62154 DentaQuest - Government Plans
CKVA1 DentaQuest - Government Plans
94146 Denti-Cal / Medicaid of California
CKDC1 District of Columbia Medicaid

Payer ID Insurance Companies (E-Z)
13551 Emblem Health (GHI - New York Group Health Inc.)
CBNY1 Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
35605 Everence
13317 First Reliance Standard Life Ins. Co. (NY Business)
CKFL1 Florida Medicaid
44054 Government Employees Hospital Association (GEHA)
57254 Government Employees Hospital Association (GEHA)
64246 Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America
62179 Health Choice Arizona
CX009 HealthPartners MN
11271 Healthplex, Inc.
22099 Horizon Healthcare Dental Services
CX073 Kaiser
CX061 Lincoln Financial Group
GI813 Managed Dental Guard
CKMA1 Massachusetts Health Program
CX026 MEDICA of Minnesota
CKAL1 Medicaid of Alabama
CKAR1 Medicaid of Arkansas
CKCO1 Medicaid of Colorado
CKCT1 Medicaid of Connecticut
CKFL1 Medicaid of Florida
CKGA1 Medicaid of Georgia
CKIN1 Medicaid of Indiana
CKIA1 Medicaid of Iowa
CKKS1 Medicaid of Kansas
CKKY1 Medicaid of Kentucky
CKME1 Medicaid of Maine
CKMI1 Medicaid of Michigan
CKMN1 Medicaid of Minnesota
CKMS1 Medicaid of Mississippi
CKMO1 Medicaid of Missouri
CKMT1 Medicaid of Montana
CKNV1 Medicaid of Nevada
CKNH1 Medicaid of New Hampshire
CKNJ1 Medicaid of New Jersey
CKNY1 Medicaid of New York
CKNY2 Medicaid of New York (Dental Clinics Only)
CKNC1 Medicaid of North Carolina
CKOH1 Medicaid of Ohio
CKOK1 Medicaid of Oklahoma
CKOR1 Medicaid of Oregon
CKPA1 Medicaid of Pennsylvania
CKTX1 Medicaid of Texas
CKVT1 Medicaid of Vermont
CKWA1 Medicaid of Washington
CKWV1 Medicaid of West Virginia
CKWI1 Medicaid of Wisconsin
CKWY1 Medicaid of Wyoming
PRMCS Medical Card System (MCS)
29076 Medical Mutual of Ohio
CB833 Medical Mutual of Ohio
65978 MetLife
14165 MVP Health Care
CKNM1 New Mexico Medicaid
81264 Nippon Life Insurance Company of America
CKND1 North Dakota Medicaid
02027 Northeast Delta Dental (ME, NH, VT)
47570 NorthStar Administrators
GP133 OH Dental / UHC Dental Government Programs
CX053 Pacificare Dental and Vision HMO
CX060 Pacificare Dental and Vision PPO
CB865 Pennsylvania Blue Shield
CBPA2 Pennsylvania Blue Shield Dental Plus
47570 Premera Blue Cross
61271 Principal Financial Group
36088 Reliance Standard Life
93742 Securian
76342 Sierra Health Services
38520 South Carolina BCBS
CKSD1 South Dakota Medicaid
93024 Standard Ins. Co. (OR Business)
13411 Standard Insurance Company (NY)
CKTN1 Tennessee Medicaid
PRADV Triple-S Medicaid Advantage
CBPR1 Triple-S Salud
61425 Trustmark Insurance Company
33108 UMR - Cincinnati
75196 UMR - Harrington
95266 UMR - Harrington
37237 UMR - Lexington
79480 UMR - Onalaska
74223 UMR - San Antonio
39026 UMR - Wausau/UHIS
CX013 United Concordia - Dental Plus
CX007 United Concordia - Fee for Service
74227 United HealthCare Insurance Company - Student Insurance
95378 United Healthcare of River Valley
52133 United Healthcare Dental